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Equipment Solutions

Water Tech’s equipment division complements our chemical services by offering more value to meet the growing requests of our clients. As a result we have enhanced our equipment division and provide services in the following areas:

  • Chemical mix and feed equipment for boiler, cooling, and wastewater applications.Chemical Mix Feed Tanks
    • Bulk storage tanks, mixing and feed tanks
    • Polymer mixers, timer control panels, polymer eductors
    • Standard/Custom chemical feed pumps
    • Transfer pumps for all applications
    • pH control, level control and monitoring systems
    • Water Tech pump calibration cylinders



  • Control equipment for boiler, cooling, and wastewater applications.Conductivity Control System
    • Automated chemical application
    • Automated TDS monitoring and control
    • Boiler sample coolers
    • Remote monitoring technology available



  • Maintenance of all feed and control equipment services available.
  • Wastewater Treatment plant design, engineering, construction, and start-up with significant savings verses traditional consulting/engineering firms.
    • Stainless steel primary/secondary screening
    • Stainless steel dissolved air flotation units
    • Efficiency improvements in aeration and dissolved oxygen technologies