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Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers are designed to recycle and reuse water thus minimizing the consumption of a valuable and expensive resource. The problems associated with recycling and reusing industrial cooling water are somewhat well known. These include mineral scaling, corrosion of system metals, microbial corrosion/fouling and a variety of other heat exchanger fouling conditions frequently found in cooling water systems. Unless all of these parameters are monitored and controlled properly, the benefits of recycling tower water will be lost along with potential damage to production equipment and possible loss of plant production.

In addition to treating Open Cooling Water systems, Water Tech provides a complete product line to control corrosion, scale and microbiological challenges in Once-Thru Cooling systems, Closed Loop Cooling systems and Potable Water systems.

Water Tech provides experienced and well trained service personnel, automated control and monitoring systems, and state of the art chemical technology to address all size and types of cooling water systems. Water Tech’s comprehensive cooling water product line includes corrosion/scale inhibitors, organic and inorganic dispersants and oxidizing/non-oxidizing biocides to address the needs of all open and closed cooling water systems.

Water Tech Cooling Water Products

Water Tech has a complete line of chemical products to address the needs of the Cooling Tower, Evaporative Condenser and Closed Water systems. The product lines are designed to control scale, corrosion and microbiological potential problems so as to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces. Water Tech has developed a product to specifically address White Rust problems in Evaporative Condensers or any type of cooling tower containing galvanized steel components.

The Water Tech Cooling Water Product line includes products to address the following:

  • All Organic technology
  • All Organic technology product with a galvanized steel corrosion inhibitor
  • Stabilized PO4 technology
  • Dispersants to address inorganic contaminants
  • Dispersants to address organic contaminants
  • Oxidizing biocides
  • Non-oxidizing biocides
  • Closed system corrosion/scale inhibitors