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Boiler Water Treatment

Water Tech Boiler Water

Steam is the life blood of most industrial processes. Steam is many times used for drying, process heating, process hot water, reforming, evaporation/distillation, cooking, pasteurizing and many other functions. A dependable source of high quality steam for a variety of plant uses is the function of all boilers in various types of industrial plants.

Maintaining the clean and efficient operation of boilers is very important to the sustainability of all industrial processes. As an example, a deposit of just 1/16” can result in an efficiency loss in the boiler of up to 20%, with heavier deposits potentially leading to tube overheating and eventual tube failures.

The boiler plant, in most cases, is an invisible part of the plant for most of the year, but it can quickly become the focal point if boiler and/or steam supply problems occur. Quality monitoring and service programs are essential in preventing expensive shutdowns, repairs, and production losses. Water Tech, Inc. offers experienced field Account Managers and a variety of boiler water products designed to maintain control of oxygen corrosion, mineral scale development and condensate corrosion. An efficient account management program provided by experienced Water Tech Account Managers and an effective product line ensures an efficient operating steam system that will operate for many years.


Water Tech has a complete line of chemical products to address the needs of the Pre-boiler, Boiler and Post-boiler water systems. The product lines are designed to control potential scale, corrosion and fouling problems so as to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces.

The Water Tech Boiler Water Product line includes products to address the following:

  • Resin Cleaners
  • Non-volatile oxygen scavenger technology
  • Volatile oxygen scavenger technology
  • Phosphate/Dispersant technology
  • All Organic technology
  • Chelant/Dispersant technology
  • Enhanced PO4/pH technology
  • All Volatile technology
  • Anti-foam products
  • Single component neutralizing amines
  • Multi-component neutralizing amines
  • Multi-component neutralizing amines with VOS
  • Neutralizing/Filming amines